Kudo Mart Smartwatch Instructions

Congratulations on your new KM20 Watch!  It is a packed with features but you need to know how unlock them.  We have put together a series of instructional videos to help.  As always reach out to wecare@kudomart.com for any additional help if we don't answer your questions here.  ( Oshen Smart Watch )

Download Instructions Manual (PDF) - Click Here

Download FitPro App

You need to download the FitPro app to pair to your phone and activate the watch features.  
Download on Google Play
Download on Apple App Store 

KM20 - How To Charge Watch

  1. Simple remove the watch band from the watch. Be sure to pull straight without twisting.
  2. Plug the watch into any USB charger. You can even use a USB port on your computer or laptop. (Note: The usb charger is not included with watch. You can use any USB charger you have at home)
  3. Look for the green charging symbol.

KM20 - Watch Is Not Charging. Why?

We are seeing many complaints about broken watches that are not charging.  Please note that the watch end that inserts into the USB has gold connectors on one side.  You need to insert this side into the USB charger that has the 4 gold strips.  There only two sides so if one side doesn't work just switch it around. 


KM20 - How to Download Phone App for Watch

You can download QR code with the video below.  Or look up Fitpro App in your iOS or Android / Google Play store. 





Google Play:



KM20 - Changing Watch Band



KM20 - How to Download FitPro App For Phone 


KM20 - How to Pair Watch with Phone App (FitPro App)


KM20 - How to Set Time and Date

Your date and time will set automatically from your phone after you have paired your watch to your phone by installing the Fitpro app.  See instructions above on how to download the app and also pair the watch to the phone.  


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